The NHS is witnessing a shift from the traditional model of ‘delivering care’ towards promoting self-management. Furthermore, the National Information Board set out a mandate that all NHS Trusts should enable service users to contribute to and access parts of their health record by 2020. Healthlocker sets out to achieve these goals by enabling service users and their network to be active participants in their care.



Too often, digital products and services fail to be successful in the NHS due to the lack of buy­‐in from frontline staff. By recognising this from the outset, the Healthlocker design team used an iterative, user­‐led design process to continually engage and learn from over 450 people (including 230 clinicians) throughout the design and development phases.



The result is a responsive website that provides a series of tools, resources and contacts to support self­‐management. By integrating with the hospital’s clinical record system to provide a personalised experience, Healthlocker is rethinking what a ‘personal health record’ could and should be.


RELEASE: July 2017