Working closely with the client, the UX and UI was iterated throughout to integrate as seamlessly as possible with current processes used and to adhere to accessibility guidelines.



Croydon Memory Service provide assessments for people who have memory problems that may be associated with dementia. Their current pen­‐and­‐paper approach means after each assessment clinicians have to duplicate their work, translating their handwritten notes into the clinical record system and dictating a report. Mindwave were approached to identify and respond to opportunities to make use of simple technology to save clinical time within the memory services.



Mindwave’s design team shadowed memory assessment appointments in clinic and in homes, mapping patterns of conversation and use of tools. Additionally we observed the post­‐assessment admin process to understand the varying approaches of the whole team. From this deep understanding of the current process, the different user needs and the context of use, we were able to identify opportunities for an automated process to complement the service delivery and save time.



The final product is an iOS app that replaces the need for clinicians to duplicate their work. The app enables clinicians to take notes and complete memory assessment and mood questionnaires on a tablet. On completion, the app generates a report which is sent to the team administrator ready to proof and send. As Croydon Memory Service receive over 100 monthly referrals, the introduction of this app could save the team more than 150 hours per month -­ the equivalent of a full­‐time clinician’s work.